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Additional Workshops @ Gloster Swing Dance

As part of our teaching schedule, Gloster Swing Dance promote and run Swing Dance & Lindy Hop workshops. These are generally dancing styles and steps that do not fit within our weekly class structure, Sometimes this is with guest teachers and sometimes Gary and Sara. Our more regular features have included The Shim Sham, Jitterbug Stroll, The Gloster Routine, Jazz Steps, Shag, Air Steps and Charleston. We also run a full weekend of Lindy Hop (See separate page).

Our next set of workshops are not yet scheduled

On Tuesday 21st August 2018 we did..........

'The Gloster Routine'

We had a Summer Workshop on Tuesday 21st August 2018 at the Walls Club.

We taught 'The Gloster routine'
It is a short sequence of moves that we can ALL just get up and do whilst we are out social dancing or performing at events such as the upcoming 'Gloster Goes Retro Festival'

We wanted to put something together that everyone who comes to our classes, dances and events knows!
It won't be a tremendously long sequence and it will be a 'repeatable' sequence to fit tunes of most tempos of music.

The workshop was open to everyone who can do a:

Swing Out
Lindy Turn and

So if you are a regular at Gloster Swing Dance Classes you will have at least completed the Improvers Level classes with Jess and Stu for at least a couple of terms.

The workshop will lasted for approximately two hours and then practice session afterwards.

This was a one off (at the moment) opportunity to learn this routine!
We are know from feedback that it was great fun and everyone  had a good time.

We NEEDED OUR OWN routine.
You've all seen Jess, Stu, Me Sara and others get up and swing out together - It looks great.
We want you all to be part of it.......

Class rotation as we can all do it with each other!!

All Classes will be 7.00pm till 10.00pm

Any queries or issues please contact us on 07484 742 865 or email 

Pay on the door

Workshops Extra

Shim Sham Workshop

This is the most important of all the Swing/Tap strolls. If you only ever learn one of these strolls, you should learn this one, We will be teaching at a very steady pace so that dancers of all abilities can attend, We will be teaching the Frankie Manning version which is the one that everyone does at every Lindy Hop event in the world.

Next Date TBC Very Soon!