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Information For Complete Beginners

All our classes are ongoing. (apart from during pandemics!)
However, the new term for all levels including NEW BEGINNERS starts again on 18th May 2021.

New Beginners should aim to come along to then to start your new life & get hooked on swing dance

Walls' Club, Hammond Way, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3YL

Only £5.00 per class or £8 for two classes

The new NEW Beginners course will start on Tues 18th May 2021

New Beginners should come along then. If you are confident and have some experience you may be able to join in this term still.

Tuesday Evenings

Walls' Club Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3YL

Only £5 per class or £8 for two classes

Absolute beginners Swing Dance Class

Partner required (for now) until we see how Covid restrictions pan out

Doors open 7pm (entrance main door) Class start 7.15pm, Class finish 8.00pm (exit side fire door)


Jazz, Stroll or Charleston Class (All Levels)

No partner required (Main hall)


Doors open 8.00pm (entrance main door), Class start 8.15pm, Class finish 9.00pm (exit side door)

Intermediate Lindy hop Class

Partner required (Main hall)

Doors open 9.00pm (entrance main door),Class start 9.15pm,Class finish 10.00pm (exit side door)

Improvers Lindy Hop Class with Jess and Stuart

Is moving to the new larger wooden floored Skittle Alley Function room

Doors open 8.00pm (entrance main door),Class start 8.15pm,Class finish 9.00pm (exit side door)

This is all very much a trial and we may need to alter, classes, times and numbers. Please remember to book no later than 7.30pm the evening before class to secure your place.

COVID - 19

We look forward to seeing you back at class. This is information you need to know...

1) Classes resume - New Term.....Tuesday18th May now)

2) We would like you to book/ book and pay (see below) in advance. This will ensure your admittance to class, and avoid any embarrassment of you being turned away. Email to book your place, providing:

a. Your name(s)

b. Contact information (for track and trace)

We'll reply to confirm you're booked. Or ring 07503349560 between 6.30 - 7.30pm no later than 24 hrs before class.

3) As always we want to be as inclusive as we can. However there are restrictions. There won't be any class rotation. You will need to dance with someone from your household or from your 'bubble'. Please do not arrive at class unless you have made these arrangements. We will trial a non-partner class for those who do not have anyone they can partner dance with.

4) We need to avoid handling cash where possible. You can pay us by bank transfer or cheque. You can also buy class vouchers - 10 +1 free = £50 - you can purchase less, but there will be no discount. If you need to pay by cash please bring exact money. If you want to pay by bank transfer or buy class vouchers, please contact us. Price £5 per class. If there is availability you can take part in the non-partner class + one other @ £8 for 2 classes.

At Wall's Club -

1) Entrance will be through the main front door and exit will be through the side fire door.

2) Sanitizer will be available but please try to bring your own.

3) Toilets will be one in one out. There will be signage to advise vacant or engaged. You will need to be responsible for changing this.

4) Please do not arrive inside the hall any earlier than 10 minutes before the start of your class.

5) Book in with us at reception, giving your name and payment (if this has not been made in advance, remember exact money). Even though we probably know you really well, let us know your name... it's been a while! Although we'd love to chat with you all we don't have much time so please move on as soon as you can.

6) There will be seating, but this will be limited.

7) Remember to keep your social distance, no hand shaking, kisses or cuddles... we know that will be hard!

    Social (Practice) Dancing - 7:00pm to 7:15pm
    Beginners Swing Dancing Class - 7:15pm to 8:00pm
    Improvers Swing Dance (Bar Area) 8:30pm to 9:15pm
    Intermediates Swing Dancing Class - 8:30pm to 9:15pm
    Social Dancing - 9:15pm to 10.00pm


Walls' Club, Hammond Way, Barnwood, Gloucester. GL4 3YL (loads of free parking on site)

Have fun getting fitter | Meet new people | No need to bring a partner

More info

If you haven't been to dance lesson before you may wondering what you are letting yourself in for. Read on.....

The new term of Beginners classes in the wonderful Walls' Club, Barnwood starts again on Tuesday ?? January 2021

Come along as near to the start of term as possible & get hooked on swing!

Video taster of our Beginners Class

Our brand new term of Beginners Swing dancing starts again on Tuesday 18th May 2021, we loosely follow the school terms, so we will start the next NEW Beginners again after the Covid restrictions lift and the term will finish at Summer holiday time. We never break for 'Half Term' though.

Within the first few weeks of the start of 'term' is the best time to come along. Feasibly you can join in any week but it gets harder to catch up the longer we are into the term. If you are brand new to dancing we would recommend that you start as soon into the term as possible. Each week we teach the basic 6 count step, then revise what we did the previous week then we teach a new move. This means that if you come each week it is one new move. If you miss a week or two it doesn't matter as we always do revision. You don't need to bring a partner, but if you can, that's great too. We are not exclusive, everyone is welcome; all ages, shapes & sizes - you don't need to be young and fit, this dancing is for everyone.

We teach proper American swing dance which is based on the original dance called Lindy Hop. We do not teach any 'Modern Jive' type stuff, although we do teach to all types of music. There is no particular dress code but comfy casual clothes are better for lessons and then dressing up for dances.

The cost of the beginners class is only £5 which includes a 45 minute before and after class practice session if you would like to stay on to practice the steps you have learned.

Come and give it a go!

Walls' Club, Hammond Way, Barnwood, Gloucester. GL4 3YL (loads of free parking on site - just outside the door)

Map & Directions 

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